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Sacred Space School of Spiritual & Holistic Studies & Training.

Sacred Space was founded by Mary O’Sullivan Edwards and Aisling Walker in March 2019. We are based in the heart of Clondalkin Village.

Mary O’Sullivan Edwards has worked in the spiritual and holistic sector for over 30 years and is a well-known practitioner. 

Aisling Walker has been involved in spiritual work for over 15 years while also owning her own businesses.

Sacred Space was initiated to support the community with all issues surrounding mental health, well-being, spiritual growth and personal progression complimented with a spiritual and holistic approach to therapies and services provided.

Since opening, Sacred Space continues to grow immensely from our therapists to our clientele.

Our mission statement:

When Sacred Space opened its doors, our vision was and is, to help people with past experience that led to trauma in many areas such as addiction, domestic violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation and personal growth. We are so pleased to say, that our vision is being realized and coming to fruition and is also, ever expanding.

We do this by assisting clients towards a more holistic and spiritual future within the field of mental health, wellness and spiritual growth using one to one therapy and facilitating groups with interest in self-help and setting career goals in the future.

We provide low cost treatments, therapies and training to people that want to gain the skills, tools and knowledge to form a better lifestyle through holistic and spiritual ways while working through any current crisis. We develop a strategy and vision to assist our clients in moving forward within their own life in all areas, while continuing to give ongoing support.

We have achieved some of our goals and aims already such as, building up strong relationships with local GP’s, health clinics and organisations for referral purposes that enable us to assist in alternative treatments such as: wellbeing, mental health, addiction, family support and trauma to name a few as well as helping to deal with other issues that may arise or already be present.

Sacred Space and its team of therapists are working with Children First and are approved by TUSLA as well as being Garda vetted to give even more peace of mind to families that are struggling both inside and outside the family unit.

Our continued vision for the future is our ongoing expansion, with the merging together of holistic clinical and conventional treatments, therapies and healing modalities that assist in the healing and integration of the whole person mentally, physically and emotionally.

We are gaining momentum and have gone beyond our own expectations of turning thoughts into things, by the merging of satellite groups, teaching and one to one therapies into the broader community, to provide the needs to our ever growing clientele that come through our doors, it is both our passion and mission to assist in these basic needs which make our community stronger and more resilient by the day.